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The wooden roller coaster “Hurricane” in Dania Beach Florida is being torn down. Starting March 16th, the once largest wooden roller coaster in Florida will be dissembled and removed to make way for the construction of Dania Pointe. –Andy [embedyt]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3SzAgH4GgY[/embedyt]

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Here is an awesome model of Fort Ontario, enjoy! This model was made using a new technique we have developed which allows us to use video typically unsuitable for 3D modeling. –Andy Fort Ontario by Expert Aerial Solutions, LLC on Sketchfab

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Tip:  When landing in a small space, what ever you do, miss the boat! –Andy

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Expert Aerial Submersible Solutions? Expert Aerial Solutions dives into underwater drones! Expert Aerial Solutions is backing OpenROV’s Trident Drone system and is looking forward to testing and deploying this new technology in November of 2016. –Divemaster Andy