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Century 21 Hansen Realty invites Expert Aerial Solutions to present to their team of top realtors. Century 21 Hansen Realty with many of the top listings in South Florida knows Real Estate and how aerial photography can showcase any property much better than listings without aerials. Thanks again for inviting us and we look forward to working with you even more in the future!

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Expert Aerial Solutions has deployed an environmental monitoring station networked to a global array continuously measuring environmental conditions through out the world.   Our station can be found here.Station ID 110000DC Dania Beach, FL

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Here is a beautiful sunset panorama of Miami Beach Florida we took while on a nearby residential waterfront shoot. –Andy

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Wes (center bottom) taking ground shots during a twilight shoot.  This is a great way to show off the incredible lighting on a property.–Andy

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Here is Andy showing off our new Spring ensemble we call VR and cap! Work it baby!