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Photorealistic 3D Visualization Models

Add Expert Aerial Solution's revolutionary Photorealistic 3D Visualization Models to your next presentation or project! We can host the model for you or you can download the complete object model and texture files for other project uses.

Our technique uses a combination of NADIR and oblique POI images, then a photo realistic 3D model of terrain or a structure is created. Models can used for sales presentation of a property, project planning, public meetings and many other purposes.

The photo below shows the images captured during an autonomous drone flight, which are then processed to create a detailed 3D model of the structure.

Additional models are shown below and you can check out many more at sketchfabsf


Sunrise Tennis Club by Expert Aerial Solutions, LLC on Sketchfab

Commercial Building by Expert Aerial Solutions, LLC on Sketchfab

FIU North Campus by Expert Aerial Solutions, LLC on Sketchfab