Sunrise Tennis Club Reality Model Project Completes!



Expert Aerial Solutionseas
Andy Panayotoff
510 Shotgun Road Suite 403
Sunrise, FL 33326

ASA Consultantsasa
Sima Sadoughi
510 Shotgun Road Suite 402
Sunrise, FL 33326

Sunrise, FL (March 10, 2016)
Expert Aerial Solutions and ASA Consultants have successfully teamed to deliver a reality model of the Sunrise Tennis Club for Tennis Enterprises, LLC that was presented at the City of Sunrise Commission held on February 23, 2016. Expert Aerial Solutions, a leader in drone photography and UAV piloting was the lead in the project.

Andy Panayotoff, one of the founders of Expert Aerial Solutions, commented “Our latest ultra high definition models can exceed an amazing 1.5 cm accuracy. Our goal is to provide realistic models, cheaper, better and faster for an ever growing multitude of uses.

Sima Sadoughi, Business Development Director for ASA Consultants, said “We see many potential uses for these types of models in all types of infrastructure projects. Expert Aerial Solutions is pioneering this technology and we expect to be teaming with them much more in the future.

Gabe Norona, Managing Member of Tennis Enterprises commented, “It is really incredible how real and useful the model is. We hosted the Israel vs Argentina Davis Cup World Group Playoff at the club in 2014. This technology will be invaluable in planning security and safety for future events.

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